Terms and Conditions for credit

Original Artwork can be purchased over a ten-month credit agreement with Hitachi on works £100-£25,000 The process is manged through Wasps Studio’s. Initial information is given to the artist who will then call Wasps studio or refer you directly to them to speak by telephone or email and fill out credit agreements online.

Pre lending checks-The customer must be eligible for an Own Wasps Art loan.

  1. Eligibility and pre checks

  • Proof of Residency/ID- Photo driving licence – Official letter – Official document – Utility bill – HM Forces ID Card. The buyer does not need to provide a copy, seeing the original is enough.
  • The customer must be eligible for a Hitachi loan. The customer must have one of the following on them or must present one of the following on collection. If the buyer agrees/follows all the above, Own Art process can begin with Wasps
  • Minimum age 18 – UK resident for at least 12 months and continuing through the loan agreement.
  1. Employed or self-employed this includes:

  • Student nurse or doctor
  • Retiree
  • Person receiving disability allowance
  • House person with employed partner
  1. Not Eligible-Own Art cannot be offered under the following: 

  • Unemployed without an employed partner
  • Temp or agency worker
  • Non-registered childminder
  • Foster carers (unless partner is fully employed)
  • Supply teachers (unless they can prove consistent employment)
  1. Once the above is confirmed, the customer is passed over to a member of Wasps staff to process the Own Art loan check and agreement. This can be done in three ways.

  • If a member of Wasps staff is present, this can be done in person – take your customer to the member of staff, with details of the work they wish to purchase via Own Art.
  • If the sale is during office hours, or you know a member of staff is on call to take Own Art calls, call the Wasps Own Art hotline: 0141 378 5241
  • If the customer would prefer to process the loan themselves at home, a member of staff can email them a link to the form. Note: this can make the process lengthier, and we would recommend in person or over the phone. If they are going by this method, they will have to collect the item once the process is complete.
  • Before the artist calls the Wasps Own Art Hotline, the customer must provide the artist with ID and take down the address. If the ID is a driving license, provide the 6-digit number on the front in the license number. The member of staff responsible at Wasps studios will go through the application, cross reference the information and check it matches with the one the customer has provided. The artist will destroy the details.
  • The customer is then sent a link to complete at home and will collect the item later. Wasps studios will take note of the address provided on the customer’s application and provide it to the artist before the item is collected. When the customer collects the item, they must show you their ID/Proof of residence, and this must match with the details that Wasps have provided you from their application. If it doesn’t match, they cannot take the item.
  • The member of Wasps staff will then process the Own Art loan agreement which is through Hitachi Capital. All lending decisions are made by Hitachi Capital based on a credit check of the customer, and neither Wasps nor the Own Art Scheme can affect the final decision. Hitachi Capital UK Ltd adopt full responsibility and liability for collecting payments – the Artist will have no financial liability in the event the buyer defaults on their loan.
  • Loan decisions: many loan applications are approved immediately, though some may require further checks, more information, and in some cases, applications are declined. If the customer is not happy with the decision, they can contact the Hitachi lending team to request further information on the decision. The items will not be given to the buyer until Wasps have confirmed that the loan is fully agreed and accepted. All this information makes the process seem long and complicated, but in practice it is quite simple.


sales@waspsstudios.org.uk| 0141 378 5241