About The Artist.

Royal Scottish Academy prize winner of Gordon Smith award 2019 for New Contemporary Art.

“A Gallery of Sorts”- oil on canvas.

As a new emerging artist in Scotland, she was delighted to have been chosen as prize winner of Gordon Smith award for new Contemporary Art at Edinburgh Royal Scottish Academy 2019.

The artist is currently working on extending this collection of what she sees as figurative and portraiture pieces based on the Human Condition in all its reality but portrayed in a surreal form.

 McKay’s work derives from intense travel and cultural experience and inspired by people and relationships with various themes running throughout. McKay is a storyteller of conflict, conformity, religion, law, politics, slavery, sexuality and survival including music and dance.


“My mysterious lordship, I’ll show you what a woman can do, as long as I live, I will have control over my being”

Recent works depict the surrealities of life, people and situations after much self-reflection, observation, poignant conversations and stories shared with the artist on a Global level. It is the translation of written word into art form highlighting of all parts of the personality and behaviours according to deep conditioning and socialization. The aim is for the viewer to interpret and decide what depth lies behind the characters.

My inspiration has been that of Artemisia Gentileschi- The greatest female artist of the Baroques age.  Extremely courageous, controversial, powerful and the most influential female artist to date. Gentileschi communicated a powerful autobiographical message turning the horrors of her own life-repression, injustice, rape-into biblical paintings that were also a war cry for oppressed women. With words and images, she fought back against the male violence that dominated her world to become the most successful female artist in history.


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About The Artist